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Philip Krump - January 7, 2024 6:53 pm

My wife, autistic son (30) and I have been going to ELBIM Church for three years now. My name is Phil and we gladly travel 30 minutes for each church service and event. We also faithfully tune in to the Family Bible Studies every Tuesday and Walk With the King broadcast every morning M-Sat. at 5:45 a.m. on the video conferencing line. In addition to these we enrolled in Life Training School on Thursday nights and are well into our third year. We are being thoroughly equipped for every good work in Christ by all this deep, Biblical and spiritual teaching and impartation of life! The Pastors don't just teach concepts, they impart their life to us; a sacrificial, Paul the Apostle like life that we see modeled and that is transmitted heart to heart! We are always praying to be doers of the word and not hearers only. When one goes to this church, the application of the principles taught flows out to people around you in the world through acts of compassion and sharing of Christ's love. It just happens naturally because you're on fire and eager to do good works! Titus 2:14

I can also attest to wonderful healings that have taken place through the laying on of hands from Pastor Kiruba and the intense prayers of Pastors Pradeep and Esther. I've been healed of early Alzheimer's over one year ago. People at work and home could attest to the difference in my ability to remember and process.

My marriage was also healed subsequent to being delivered from a horrible pornography stronghold (clinically labeled at an addiction). I am free of this life-long scourge passed down from generations of men! Free! So much so that my wife proclaimed that she has a new husband! There are more amazing things that have happened in my family and that we have seen in our church. Please don't pass up the opportunity to come and/or visit the website! You will be eternally grateful that you did!

Thaya Selvaratnam - December 12, 2023 5:58 am
Praise God, my name is Thaya Sukumar. I thank God for bringing me to El Bethel International Ministries Church. I am from Canada, and I am a part of ELBIM’s international community of believers who join our church every week online. My husband and I travel from Canada to New York, one Sunday of each month, to physically attend the Sunday service in the House of God. It has been such a blessing each month when we are actually in our church building in Port Jervis. Nevertheless, the power of God works even when we join online. Many people from around the world join online, and many get their healings and their lives are being transformed by the power of God while they attend church from a distance. I got the in-filling of the Holy Spirit online, during the Life Training School when Pastor Kiruba prayed for the Bible College students.
This church gathers every single day, sometimes twice a day, like in the early church. I have personally witnessed (seen and heard) the transformation of many lives through the anointing of God upon our pastors. I have seen spiritual babies being born and steadily grow very strong in the Lord within a matter of few months. Many people both young and old are being set free from addictions to drugs, smoking cigarettes, alcohol and immorality. As they continue coming to the House of God, they are getting delivered from different layers of sin that they were bound by and were hidden in. Pastors knows each one of their sheep in a personal way and give individualized council and prayer through the Spirit of God, bringing healing and deliverance to them.
They value each soul.
Whenever I hear the anointed and powerful messages from our Pastors, my heart cries out for those who are suffering and are in the dark with no way out, as I know that they too can experience the freedom and healing from Jesus Christ, if everyone around the world can hear these powerful God-anointed messages that can set them free.
I was a Christian for many years, but after joining ELBIM, my walk with God has changed to a whole new level. In the past, I was doing many things that were not right as if it was normal. My conscious didn’t alert me. These were anger, jealousy, pride, gossip, little lies here and there, wasting time on things that are not pleasing to God. These are not very obvious things and so can be easily not seen by people around me. Since I started attending El Bethel International Ministries church, I began hearing the powerful and Spirit filled teachings from our Pastors. Suddenly, God opened my eyes and gave me the awareness to the spiritual things which I did not have before.
I not only became aware of what was right and wrong but have received the power from God to overcome that which was holding me down.
Because we see our pastors lay down their lives for their flock and live what they preach, it has motivated me to also lay down my life for those around me. Also, when Pastor Kiruba blesses us, she blesses us with God’s authority, which carries the anointing of God. When she says “By the Power and Authority given to me by the Almighty God I bless you with…”, it is very powerful, very profound, and carries the power of God which releases us the blessings from God.

Bharat Shah - December 2, 2023 3:28 am
I live in Australia with my family and I am 76 years old. I visited India in April 2022 and I had an accident, in which I hurt my back with a hair crack and I was bed ridden. It was nearly impossible for me to travel from India to Australia and to the USA in the month of August. At that time, God led Pastor Kiruba to pray for me. After her prayers, I was able to walk in 3 weeks. I travelled from India to Australia in the first week of August with the help of painkillers and within 10 days I travelled from Australia to the USA on the 15th of August with my family. During these flights, I had to take painkillers too. In the USA, by Gods grace my wife and I received water baptism and after that, Pastor Kiruba laid her hands on me and prayed for all of my sicknesses to be healed. And when I returned to Australia, God healed my back pain and I did not have to take any painkillers. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ healed me through Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba. I thank God for blessing me El Bethel International Ministires Church.

Pratima Shah - December 2, 2023 1:30 am
I live in Australia with my family and I attend all the church services online. During the mother's day Sunday service in May 2022, Pastor Kiruba asked all mothers to raise their hands, as she was praying for all of us. When she prayed in Port Jervis USA, I received an electrifying tangible touch sitting in Australia, on both of my legs, which lasted for 2 to 3 minutes. Through this touch, Jesus Christ healed my arthritis. Since then; I have no pain in my legs. Hallelujah!! Praise God. By God's grace, I was also able to visit Port Jervis, USA in August 2023, and attend one Sunday service personally in God's presence. During the visit, my husband and I were baptized with water and I was also baptized in Holy Spirit, by anointed Pastor Kiruba and Pastor Pradeep. I want to thank God for what He has done in me and my families life through the anointed Pastors of the El Bethel International Ministries Church. Praise God.

Mike Palombi - October 23, 2023 11:29 am
I am an ordained Evangelist/Teacher and travel the country, with my wife, ministering to the incarcerated and to those struggling with addiction. Jesus said, “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be my disciples.” (John 15:8) The goal of every Christian should be to “bear much fruit” and thereby glorify God with our lives. That wasn’t always the case prior to my coming to El Bethel nearly four years ago. However, upon attending my first Sunday service at El Bethel, I understood immediately, this is not a typical Sunday morning service. Pastor Pradeep, Pastor Kiruba, and their children as well, are truly led by the Spirit of God. To begin with, there is an authentic reverence for the presence of God at El Bethel International Ministries Church that is uncommon in any church I have attended throughout America. I’m not saying there aren’t any others like it, but I am saying this is the first church I have encountered where people come into the sanctuary, quietly and respectfully with the expectation, “I am here to meet with the Living God and that God is going to do something in my life today!” El Bethel is a church you walk into knowing, “The Lord is going to touch my heart today, He’s going to touch my mind, or touch my body, but I’m not leaving here the same way I came in!” For many years I left church with the same chains I walked in with, but not anymore. Through the ministry of El Bethel the Lord has used the anointed prophetic teaching of both Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba to profoundly change how I view God and my relationship with God. To be clear, Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba are “shepherds according to God’s own heart who feed us with knowledge and understanding.” (Jeremiah 3:15) Through their example, time and time again, they have “shown themselves to be a pattern of good works.” (Titus 2:7) They have sacrificed and surrendered much for my sake, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of the church. There have been many times when Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba spent many hours praying with me and my wife, for healing in our bodies, for God’s anointing in our ministry, for our family members who are not saved and for any spiritual need we may have. They have spent many hours counseling us and training us to become more effective ministers of the Word of God. Through the laying on of hands of our anointed pastors and the prophetic words they have spoken over us, (2 Timothy 4:14) there has come an expansion of our ministry, as well as an impartation of particular gifts of the Spirit as we minister to the incarcerated throughout America. El Bethel International Ministries Church is a discipleship church where the pastors are very involved in our lives,“leading us in the path of righteousness...” (Psalm 23:3) Through this ministry the blessing of God has come upon our lives, our marriage, our children, our ministry, and even our finances. Outstanding among the blessings we received to date, is the restoration of our relationship with our daughter who had been estranged from us for more than three years. There had been two prophetic words given concerning our daughter and the restoration of our relationship with her. Both words came to pass as we FULLY followed the counsel of our pastors. Further, during a Sunday morning service, on August 28, 2022, Pastor Kiruba laid hands on our daughter and prayed for among other things, healing for a documented tumor discovered in our daughter’s brain during a visit to the hospital. During that time of prayer, Pastor Kiruba declared that the Lord had healed her of the brain tumor. That week our daughter went in to have a scheduled MRI. The following week when she went to meet with the neurosurgeon, for the second time, about the results of the second MRI, and how they might proceed regarding the brain tumor, the neurosurgeon confirmed the tumor was gone. Only God, through His anointed servant could perform such a miracle! In this church I have learned the fear of the Lord. I have learned what it means to humble myself and what it means to walk out my faith with sincerity and integrity within the will and boundaries of God. Prior to coming to El Bethel my faith was polluted by many of the teachings in this world that tickle a man’s ears and lull a man to sleep in his sin. You cannot separate the cross from Jesus Christ, rather I have learned bearing a cross is required to follow Him. I believe the blessings of God that my wife and I experience in our lives today (too many to write) are the direct result of attending El Bethel International Ministries Church and the love with which our pastors teach and lead us. At the center of everything and anything having to do with faith, our pastors emphasize the fear of the Lord and obeying the Word of God, which is doing the Word of God. This is not a church you come to and do your own thing. This is a church where you come to be fed, to grow and to be led by anointed servants of God whose mission is the salvation of souls. (1 Peter 1:9) It is in this church and from a posture of humility anyone can become a true fruit bearing disciple of Jesus Christ whose life glorifies God! : “The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, to turn one away from the snares of death.” Proverbs 14:27

Heidi Fischer - October 11, 2023 2:19 am

My husband and I have been attending El Bethel International Ministries Church for 3.5 years now. We typically drive 2.5 hours to attend. We're currently working in Maryland, so now it's 5 hours one way. Why? Because the Presence of God is in this church and Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba are truly anointed Shepherds who love the Lord with ALL their heart, soul, mind and strength, and deeply love their flock! I've been a Christian for 41 years but this is the first church where I have truly been discipled, one-on-one by my Pastor. We have a morning call from Monday-Saturday and then service on Sunday. We also have Tuesday night Bible study and Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba also offer a 4 year Leadership Training School (at no charge!) on Thursday nights, so we are being fed daily, sometimes twice! We are taught to be DOers of the Word and not HEARers only. They challenge us daily on our application of the Word of God so we will bear much fruit. They fast and pray for each one of us on a regular basis. They pour into our lives through private counsel and instruction. They are truly Shepherds after His own heart. I have never met anyone like Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba, as well as their children. They truly do IMITATE Christ every day of their life. They walk in holiness like no one I've ever seen and they are truly humble. There is nothing they would not do for their sheep, if the Lord asked them, too, and I've personally seen them sacrificially give to many, many people, including myself and my family. Walking alongside them these past 3.5 years has shown me that I CAN live a holy life, separated and consecrated to the Lord. I have grown more in the past 3.5 years as a Christian than I have in the previous 37.5 years and it's all because of how the Lord is powerfully using Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba. After being prayed over by Pastor Kiruba, I was healed of an anxiety disorder that I've had for 40 years, as well as decades of insomnia! Our daughter was estranged from us for almost 3 years. The Pastors and their children were fasting and praying for her and for our reconciliation. As the Lord began opening doors of communication again they gave us very specific counsel, which we followed completely, and praise God our relationship with our daughter has not only been restored but it is better than it has ever been, which was a prophecy given to our church at the 2021 New Year's Eve service! Our daughter was also healed of a documented brain tumor on August 28, 2022. She had an MRI the next week and we went for a 2nd follow up with her neurosurgeon the following week, who confirmed the tumor was gone! Hallelujah! My husband and I have also seen an incredible increase of anointing on our prison ministry as Pastor Kiruba and Pastor Pradeep have counseled us and as Pastor Kiruba has laid hands on us and prayed for us each time we've gone out on our yearly, 3 month long prison trip. Since coming here, our prison ministry is seeing many more salvations and deliverances. Praise God! If you want to get serious with your relationship with God, this is the place to come. You will be warmly welcomed, and if you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit that is moving mightily here, you will be changed for eternity! To God be the Glory!

Samantha Garcia - October 4, 2023 9:03 pm

The first day I came to the church a little over 8 months ago, Pastor Kiruba said all hell broke loose and God showed her it was because I belonged to Satan, she was not afraid nor did they tell me to leave, There was a battle for my soul that they were willing to fight, they fought for me until I was released out of the shackles, out of satans tight grip and into Gods fold, that is love I am beyond grateful to have in my life. Due to the anointing placed on Pastor Kiruba and her desire to set people free, by God’s mercy and grace, I have been delivered from much including anxiety, depression, immorality, addiction to 145 mg/ methadone a day , fentanyl, and cigarettes, I have been healed from constant sickness, and severe costochondritis. I had no residual symptoms from detoxing after a few weeks of my last dose of methadone, usually it takes 6 months to a year. The detoxes, psychiatrists, psychologists, outpatient and in patient programs could not figure out the problem, God and His anointing placed on Pastor Kiruba is what set me free completely. I have been baptized in the spirit, and baptized in water, the old has passed away and I am a new creation in Christ, free from all the shackles. I have no desire to ever go back to the old life. This is only possible in 8 months because Pastor Kiruba laid down her life so others may truly live, Pastor Esther also, Pastor Pradeep’s deep passion and love for the Lord, encourages me, strengthens me to overcome, and persevere. Going from not caring at all about God to not wanting to miss a meeting, service, morning and desire to do His will is because of the love and passion the Pastors have for Jesus. Pastor Kiruba devoted many hours of her time to counsel and train me to fight spiritual warfare which has strengthened me to overcome many difficulties, and trials during the past 8 months. Thanks to the Pastors, and how they follow Jesus so precisely according to God’s will, my new and only goal in life is to hear God say well done good and faithful servant because I followed the glorious path my loving Shepard’s took and did Gods will with joy. I praise God for His love, goodness and mercy, thank you Pastors for your love, sacrifice, and dedication to Jesus and this body of Christ here at El Bethel International Ministries. This is more than a church, this is where I feel safe, loved and free. HALLEUJAH!!!

Harsh Shah - June 25, 2023 8:27 pm

I am based in Australia and it is a blessing to be a part of this EL Bethel International Ministries Church. I started following this church 2 years ago and the Pastors of this church, introduced me to the living God and the real purpose of my life. I was suffering with light Asthma for more than 10 years and during the 2022 father's day Sunday service (which I was attending online from Australia), Jesus healed my light Asthma through Pastor Kiruba. God has blessed me with an awesome job in food and beverage industry and He is also helping me to prosper in my role. God prophesized an increase in our business (which my wife runs) through Pastor Kiruba, and after that, by God's grace our sales increased by 20%. Hallelujah!!! The Pastors of this Church are truly the servant of the God, and if God can heal and prosper me, He can heal and prosper you too. Praise God

Jeff Peters - June 23, 2023 2:48 pm

I’ve been coming to El Bethel Ministries for approximately 2 years now and have received many blessings and healings. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are here at El Bethel in every service with signs and wonders happening just as in the scriptures.The power of God is changing lives, setting prisoners free, and healing the sick! The word of God is coming right from the Father’s heart through the pastors , not a predetermined message! The Spirit of God is moving!God saved my marriage since coming here, along with other miracles including raising me from the death bed. The doctors called my family and said I wouldn’t make it through the night so come say your goodbyes. The pastors were interceding for my life that night with merely seconds of my life left, God raised me up and healed me that night , and the doctors were astonished along with another miracle just recently. I had herniated discs for 20 years and suffered greatly with pain to the extent of losing many months of work every year. One Sunday last month , the pastor laid hands on me and prayed and I felt God touch me. I went for another MRI and my back was totally healed with no more herniated discs, astonishing the doctors again. Praise God for He is great. My advice to you is to come to the house of the Lord and meet with Jesus here, that’s if you want to meet Him and not come to socialize, This is not the place for that. Come,be blessed!

Jenny Peters - June 22, 2023 10:00 pm

I first heard of El Bethel International Ministries through a co-worker in 2020 , since going there God has done so many miracles for me, starting with the restoration of my broken marriage ,where through counseling from Pastor Kiruba and prayers , my marriage was totally restored. It’s a church where the presence of God is ,and the powerful word of God is preached and taught. Lives are being restored and many healings are taking place. I’m forever grateful that God directed me there.

Christina Palombi - June 19, 2023 9:30 pm

Before coming to El Bethel International Ministries, I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor called Pituitary macroadenoma with apoplexy. I had experienced a history of addiction as well as a lifetime of trauma and abuse. As a result of this, I had a straightened Cervical spine with a torn Splenius Capitis muscle. I was also diagnosed with Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and Mild Major Depressive Disorder and was used to yearly hospital visits due to IBS-C. I suffered with Fibromyalgia and endometriosis for 12 years. I had a heartbeat and breath in my lungs but was emotionally dead and physically dying. But through the power of Jesus Christ that is working through the Pastors during the church services, as well as personal prayer from Pastor Kiruba, the brain tumor is completely gone! I have also been healed of fibromyalgia and endometriosis. God fully healed me from the straightening of my cervical spine and torn Splenius Capitis and have full rotation of my neck! I no longer have nightmares, anxiety, or depression and have been delivered from life controlling PTSD. Jesus healed IBS-C through prayer during a service and has set me free from dependency on all medications and drugs including cigarettes. God has given me great peace where there was overwhelming anxiety and fear. The Lord has blessed me with laughter and dancing where there were many tears. God has given me success and freedom in areas that I had failed and struggled. My life was filled with death, loss and failure just a year ago. But the Lord has given me a new life and brought restoration, transformation and healing in my family and in the deepest part of my soul. Praise God for giving me a life worth living today. All glory, honor and praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ working through the Pastors at El Bethel International Ministries.

Eddie Salas - April 2, 2023 3:42 pm

EL Bethel International Ministries has been a great blessing to me and my family. I am a Christian who was backslidden for many years, During that time I nearly lost my sanity, health and family. I have suffered so much loss as the consequence of that time of my life. It has been approximately 6 years that I have been under the ministry of ELBIM. The Lord- through our Pastors great love, sacrifice and prayers, much counseling and teaching - has by degrees turned our lives around and preserved us through some very difficult times. After being a Christian for many years, I have recently begun to understand through the consistent prophetic teaching of Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba that Bible knowledge alone will not save me, but rather it is the application of God’s Word. Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba’s teaching - spoken from the heart of faithful servants of God- has had the most impact on me and the circumstances of my life and family at this time. Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba not only teach- but live out the Word of God by the true, powerful unction of the Holy Spirit, and have been an example and blessing to us and many others. They are supernaturally imparting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing and protection which we have personally experienced. Praise the Lord! Hosea 12:13 “Then by a prophet the Lord brought Jacob’s descendants out of Egypt; and by that prophet they were protected.” Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba are true shepherds who speak the truth in love and care for the flock of God. The scriptures command us to “Render to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.” Romans 13:7. Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba and their entire family are true treasures in the Kingdom of God and deserve great honor. The Ministry of EL Bethel International Ministries Church is a rare and prophetic ministry that is desperately needed in these dark times for the Church of Jesus Christ and our neighbors. I pray that others may be blessed by the Spirit of God through the ministry of EL Bethel International Ministries and have their lives restored and redeemed from the destructive power of sin and Satan.

Becky Sutherland

This church is the real thing. Jesus shows up, and people get healed and delivered weekly. Truly God is here! Since coming to EL BETHELInternational church I've I've personally received many miracles. I hope my testimony will help you to receive your healing as well. I see so many miracles in my church, it's unbelievable. Jesus still performs real miracles today, and everyday, at El Bethel, miracles with no medications, surgeries or therapies; just instantaneous healing. After 38 years of fighting an extremely difficult mental illness, called manic bi- polar slight schizophrenia, I was completely healed by Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior on Sunday, August 18, 2019 at EL Bethel International Ministries (ELBIM church) in Port Jervis, New York. This crippling condition, may have only happened 2-4 times a year; yet with indescribable heartbreak and havoc afterwards. Because of this condition, for 28 years, I would self-medicate with drugs/alcohol. That only created more issues as I suffered much loss in relationships, jobs and the will to live. Every prescribed medication would cause suicidal tendencies/attempts, so I refused to take them. This condition became a cyclical bondage that kept me in chains for a long time. I will never forget August 18, 2019 and the service that day at ELBIM church, in Port Jervis, NY! Five weeks prior to this service, As the worship was going on suddenly Pastor Kiruba said, "God wants to heal somebody's left side of their brain. He wants to reconnect the neurons and you are going to be to be able to think clearer". Then she prayed for the left side of the brain. During that time, all of a sudden, the left side of my brain became warm, and I felt like warm oil going down the left side of my head. I couldn't stop crying because I KNEW I was COMPLETELY healed! Praise the Lord!!! It has been almost 4 years with no episodes! Christmas has always been a difficult season for me with almost certain to have these horrible manic episodes. But this year, my best gift was celebrating 4th Christmas episode free with Jesus! God has continued to heal me of many more illnesses as I kept going to ELBIM church. The more I was in His presence, the more He healed my heart from the past. He also healed me from IBS, TMJ, menopause symptoms, migraines and other ailments along the way. ELBIM church has become my home church ever since then. I see Jesus perform miracles weekly in my church, true merciful touches from God. Brain cancer, stomach cancer, urinary cancer, blood disorder, fibromyalgia, colitis, Crones disease, lupus, depression, anxiety, drug addition, cigarette addiction, alcohol addiction, sleep disorder, personality disorder and many more instantaneously gone; with MRI's for the proof and other lab reports that bewilder the doctors, Jesus is healing people. Blind eyes seeing 20/20, deaf ears and dumb mouths opening, the lame rising. Also, my Pastor’s daughter was literally raised up from her coma and death bed. Her discharge papers state that she was healed by God. I've never seen anything like the Jesus like I've seen in ELBIM church. Yes, the miracles are awesome, but i also have a family at ELBIM too, I've never ecosystem church like this, the way God designed it, and it's truly a beautiful thing

Archana Lohani's Healing Testimony - December 12, 2022 8:39 pm

I had a severe headache on 14th November, 2022. I do not remember having that kind of pain before. Due to the severity of the pain, I was even not able to sleep. I took medicines too but nothing helped. On the next day, I shared this with Pastor Kiruba during the morning prayer call and requested her to keep me in prayers. God led her to pray for my headache and she prayed over the phone. After that I was able to sleep and when I woke up, I did not have any pain. Praise God for using Pastor Kiruba to heal my pain

Riya Jacob - September 26, 2022 4:57 pm

This Church is not for "feel good Christianity". If you truly desire a deeper walk with Christ or want to experience the word of God alive in your life, this Church will give you that experience. Biblical sacrificial life of Jesus being practiced with healing , deliverance and teaching through the Pastors.I have been truly blessed here, and wanted to share so it can be a blessing for you too.

Avni Shah's Migraine Healing Testimony - September 22, 2021 12:09 am

My name is Avni, and I am from Australia. I had been suffering from migraine headaches for the past 11 years. But the early part of 2021 was a nightmare as every morning, I would wake up with a severe migraine. It was very difficult for me to concentrate on my daily activities, and it would be a struggle just to stay focused and not be cranky for no reason. I used to take 6 pain killers a day, but they weren’t helping me. My doctor said that the migraine pain was incurable. I lost all hope of ever getting healed from it. Then, my brother, who lives in the US, told me about El Bethel International Ministries Church. He explained to me how people are getting healed by the Stripes of Jesus Christ. I started listening to the fasting prayer call meetings, morning prayer calls, and the recordings of the Sunday church services of EL Bethel International Ministries Church. I felt a deep conviction in my heart and surrendered myself to the Lord Jesus Christ. On the night of February 21st, I had a severe migraine attack and was struggling to sleep. So, I began listening to the recording of the previous Sunday service. Suddenly, I heard Pastor Kiruba say, “I see someone with a migraine headache, and God is healing them right now”. And then Pastor Kiruba prayed for the healing of people with migraine headaches . I felt God's presence, and the Lord took my migraines away and healed me completely.  It was a miracle! Since then, I don’t suffered from migraine headaches. Jesus healed me from what the doctor said was incurable. If God can heal me, He can heal you too. Surrender yourself to the Lord, repent of your sins, and see the miraculous changes Jesus can work in your life. I praise and glorify God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

NSW, Australia

Suzanne Krump - October 31, 2021 2:157 pm

My family and I started attending El Bethel in January 2021. I have been a Christian for 35 years but had become complacent and somewhat disillusioned with church and Christianity because I didn’t see a whole lot of significant transformation taking place in myself or others. I rarely saw any miraculous healings and was amazed to come to El Bethel and hear so many powerful testimonies of people being healed/delivered of so many things! My friend who invited me to the church had been in a broken marriage on the verge of divorce and I took notice and decided to come when she told me how her marriage had been healed and her husband was attending church with her! Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba are so on fire for the Lord and such wonderful shepherds, truly caring and faithfully praying for each member of the church. They provide Bible teaching and opportunities for prayer every day of the week with morning teaching/prayer calls, Family Bible study, Life Training School, and fasting prayer meetings the first week of every month. They have modeled a deep faith and trust in the Lord in all situations and have inspired me to treasure Gods Word and my times with Him, to persevere in prayer, to strive to live a holy life of obedience to Him. The teachings and prayer are so anointed; I look forward to each meeting/service because each time I get a greater revelation of God’s love, power, holiness, and goodness. And there is such a sweet and genuine fellowship among the members of the church as we truly care for and pray for one another, share testimonies and acknowledge need for change. Since coming to El Bethel I have developed a greater love for God’s Word and prayer, deeper compassion for people and desire to share the Gospel, increased faith in Gods willingness and power to answer prayer, greater peace and joy in the Lord, overall deeper love/intimacy with Jesus and desire to serve Him and bring glory to Him!

Mejosh Thomas's Generational Curse Release and Financial Blessing Testimony - October 10, 2021 2:06 am

Hi, my name is Mejosh. I came to the US for my Masters degree in Electronics Engineering. After completing my Masters, I was not able to find a stable job. As a result, I accumulated a lot of financial debt. I was doing odd jobs for several years which were unrelated to my education. I was still in deep debt for more than 5 years. I couldn’t understand why I was struggling so much financially in spite of tithing to God so faithfully. Through my friends, God brought me to El Bethel International Ministries. Pastor Kiruba prayed to break me free from generational curses which were preventing me from getting a good job and keeping me in tremendous financial debt. Shortly after receiving prayer for this, God gave me a stable job with a very good salary. God also helped me to pay off all of my debts. God has tremendously prospered me and today, I am not only debt free, but God has enabled me to be a blessing to be able to help those who are in need. Through El Bethel International Ministries, I received many deliverances. Also, my desire for obeying God's Word and walking closely with Him, has significantly increased. What Jesus did for me, He can do for you also!


Donzielea Young - May 30, 2021 5:52 am

I am very grateful for the Lord leading me to EL Bethel International Ministries and the Pastors who are true shepherds according to God’s heart. I lived in Texas my whole life, but after hearing the Truth about Jesus and the amount of miracles He was still doing today- I moved to Port Jervis, NY. Before the moved, God gave me many miracles and breakthroughs. I heard through a friend about this church and at that time I was going through a dark period. I was full anxiety to a point I didn’t want to leave my home and if I did- I would wear a hat. But one phone call and God led prayer from the pastor, my hope in God began to return and I was strengthened to approach each day. As the pastor gently advise to come to the Church video calls and listen to the teachings from the Bible so that I would be further strengthen in Him. God did just that! As months progress, through the online service a prayer was offered for those who suffered anxiety and how Jesus wanted to removed that. The key was to believe what Jesus did and receive the miracle God wanted to give. I was by bed watching this amazed how specific the prayer targeted my situation. I believed the words that was spoken in that prayer and I began to put away a particular hat that I wore everyday outside. Each time I made a choice not wear it as God was helping me to will not to do it, but trust the freedom He gave from that. I’ve not worn a baseball cap since and that anxiety of going out in public left! This is one out of numerous miracles and breakthroughs God has given me and I praise Him because through this ministry I have experienced His love in every way. If you looking for Jesus and the truth, His Love, His transformation touch- come to El Bethel International Ministries. I was unbelieving at first when my friend told me all of what happening here, but by the 3rd attempt of her invitation- I accepted and God met me in my place of brokenness and healed me!

Mimi Cooper - May 29, 2021 11:52 am

Prior to attending ELBIM I was going through life without direction. I thank God for entrusting my life into Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba hands. I’m truly blessed to be amongst true Shepherds that walk along side me and live life according to Gods word. Since attending ELBIM the Lord has bestowed many blessings, healings and miracles upon my family lives. I received healing of a irregular heartbeat, a chronic lung disease in which I was given a life span of expectancy of 3-5years in 2016. I love the Lord, my Spiritual Parents and church family.

Lorraine Salas - September 14, 2019 1:34 pm

Hello, my name is Lorraine Salas. I want to share how the Lord has been completely transforming me and my family since we began coming to EL Bethel International Ministries Church in July 2017. I began attending this church when my youngest son, Joshua, was in the mental hospital for the 3rd time and was given a poor prognosis of recovery. All medications had failed at helping him, and I was at the end of my rope because he is my youngest son. This completely broke me because I could not do anything to help him, and I was already numb from many years of emotional and physical pain I was personally dealing with. I had been suffering from a long list of severe autoimmune illnesses for over 15 years, living in pain every minute of every day and on heavy medications just to be functional. My marriage and family life was in shambles and I was very far from God. I didn’t have a clue that I was about to have my life completely transformed! Pastor Kiruba and Pastor Pradeep showed the Love of Jesus Christ to me and my family, encouraging me to just keep coming each week, believing that Jesus would heal my son. Through the Holy Spirit led worship, and God’s Truth presented in such a simple way, a true work of restoration began in my life. Not only did God heal my son Joshua, but at every single church service I attended, Jesus was healing ME physically, mentally, emotionally, and most important-spiritually! Pastor Kiruba and Pastor Pradeep would pray for me and one by one every “incurable” disease I was diagnosed with, were healed in Jesus Name, some instantly, others over a few weeks time. Each week my faith was being built up and I began to understand that what I was experiencing was the True Presence of God during our services, there to heal, save and deliver all those who come to Him! I have documented proof of my many years of illness and my physical healing by December 2017! I live a completely differently life now. I walk in complete healing every single day. I no longer suffer from Chronic Pain, Psoriatic Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Brain Fog, Neurological disorders, blood disorders,Migraines, Sleep disorder and a host of other illnesses. I am no longer on any medications, or at weekly doctor appointments or in the hospital! I am no longer on Disability, but I joyfully work full time doing things I could never do well when I was sick, such as standing, lifting, driving, staying alert and awake! My physical healing is so amazing, but what has been the most valuable to me is my spiritual healing which has been even more radical! I live everyday in complete freedom, with a joy that is not ruled by my circumstances, and a faith that is growing daily- knowing that Jesus is alive and so real and cares about my life. He loved me enough to pursue me and rescue me in my darkest times, to Breathe His Life into me and my family and start to rebuild all that had been dead! The Lord used EL Bethel International Ministries Church, Pastor Kiruba and Pastor Pradeep to give me a new life, and I will forever sing His Praises for that! I have never experienced love and acceptance in a church like this before, it is truly a family. My family’s healing is one of many. There is no problem too big, no sickness, family chaos, addiction or financial problem that is too difficult for Jesus to heal! Nothing is impossible with God! Sorry this is so long, but it only touches the surface of what God has done for me since coming to EL Bethel International Ministries Church!

Jinny Rodriguez - August 22, 2019 11:17 am

What a blessing El Bethel international church my life was transformed by the presence of the Lord Come as you are And receive the blessings of the Lord. Gue Blessing for me to call them family receive the Blessing of Christ Jesus and change your life we ​​are waiting for you

Mejosh Thomas's Transformation Testimony - August 18, 2019 7:55 am

El Bethel International Ministries Church is truly the place where God visits every service. God has used Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba in my life in tremendous ways. The word which we receive every week causes me to seek God more, read God Words more, encourages and empowers me to live Holy and God-pleasing life. I have received many countless blessings and deliverances through this church and especially the deliverance from Pornography. I have visited several churches and ministries throughout America and nothing can be compared to the presence of God which is in El Bethel International Ministries Church. I can truly call the brothers and sisters in this church as my family. I am eternally thankful to God for introducing me to this church. Come with expectation, you will not be disappointed !!!

Stanley Abraham - August 17, 2019 10:29 pm
I have been going to El Bethel International Ministries (ELBIM) Church since 2016 and since then it has been a journey of total healing, restoration in spirit, soul, mind, body, finance and relationship through the effective pastoral, teaching, prophetic and healing ministry of Pastor Kiruba Stephen and Pastor Pradeep Stephen. I was healed of severe digestive issues through the prayers of the Pastors in one of the healing service held in December of 2017. Since then i have been free of all gut related issues and symptoms from which i had suffered for 8 long years. I am in awe of wonder working power of God of what He can do through His anointed ministry of Pastors that walk in Christ's teaching, in His virtues and power. I have also been healed emotionally through pastoral care and teaching i have received that I thank God for such spiritual leadership available through God's providence. The teaching from Bible is so deep (that touches the heart and not only the mind) and spiritually fulfilling that each week each gathering it's something new to glean from and new understanding of walking with God that is unfolded in simple practical living yet its very deep and profound. I have seen number of healing and even miracles happening in the Name of Jesus in ELBIM Church for many who have walked in for prayers. Surely Jesus is in ELBIM Church and He is all that He says He is in the Holy Bible. The Sunday worship is truly powerful! Also I feel the warmth of a loving church-family united in Christ, in His Word and in His affection, caring for each other. Truly a microcosm of heaven on earth! Highly recommended! Check and see. If you are seeking God you will find Him in El Bethel International Ministries Church.

Antonio Rodriguez - August 17, 2019 12:08 am

Hi, My name is Tony. I praise God for EL Bethel International Ministries church. When I first came here, I had an unshakable addiction to cigarettes of 38 years. I never thought I could ever be free from smoking. But God set me free through this ministry. I am free for two years now. Praise God! I am now a member and an usher, along with my wife at EL Bethel International Ministries. I would like to invite all to come join us in corporate worship and the hearing of God's Word. We are a Christ-centered church. Come and be blessed. Come as you are. We love everyone. If you desire hope, peace, love and if you desire to be made whole and know God's perfect will for your life in holiness, then come. My wife and I will be sure to greet you with a smile and with much love . God bless you and we hope to see you soon!

Quaniece Coleman - August 16, 2019 1:01 pm

My first time coming to El Bethel church I had an addicted to smoking weed, I knew I wanted to quit, but I just didn't know how to. The first time Pastor ever prayed for me without knowing I smoked, God immediately broke that chain off of me, and i no longer smoke weed. The Urges of smoking weed were gone and that life style I once lived, I didn't want to live anymore. Since coming to El Bethel church God has transformed my life tremendously. My life now has a purpose glory to God!

Archana Lohani's Salvation Testimony

My name is Archana and I come from a Hindu background. My husband started believing in Jesus and began attending the prayer calls held in the morning by El Bethel International Ministries church. I wanted to know Jesus and wanted to feel what my husband felt when Jesus touched him. I was praying, but never attended any of the El Bethel church services. One morning while I was still lying on my bed, I heard a strong voice telling me to join the El Bethel morning call service. I found myself fighting with that voice and refusing to join in, but that voice was very strong and I felt like it pushed me out of my bed to join the call. That day I joined El Bethel's morning call service. The same day they also had an online Family Bible Study also and as per my time zone, it was at 6PM central time. I had no plans of joining the service.  I went to the Hobby Lobby store in the evening and around 5:45 pm I heard the same voice again asking me to go home immediately and join the El Bethel Family Bible study. Once again, I tried to resist, but it was so strong that I ended up leaving the items in the cart at the store and returned home to join the Bible study. That was the first time I saw Pastor Kiruba live on the video call. The pastor started praying before giving God's Word. When she started praying I was able to hear my heartbeat and I felt like I am able to actually see my own heart and see the blood flowing through it. That was a very different and unique experience, which is difficult to explain in words.  God saved me that day. God led me to EL Bethel International Ministries Church. Before that day I was having difficulty sleeping through the night for 2 years. But from that day till now, I don’t have that problem anymore and I sleep very well though the night. If Jesus can save me and heal me, He can do the same for you.


Prashant Mutyala's Holy Spirit Baptism/Spritual Growth Testimony

Praise the Lord! My name is Prashant. I used to be an atheist for more than 15 years, living by worldly ethics and often pondering about the purpose of my life. This led me to begin a journey of seeking the truth. By the mercies of God, a close friend challenged me to read the Bible. As I began reading the Bible, one day the Lord Jesus touched me and as a result, I felt an everlasting peace in my heart. Sometime later, through my friend, the Lord brought me to El Bethel International Ministries. Hearing Pastor Pradeep and Pastor Kiruba’s sermons and watching their lifestyle of supernatural faith in God and their endurance during times of very difficult trials, caused my faith to be strengthened greatly. Also, as I witnessed the miracles that God performed at El Bethel International Ministries Church, the miracles that have happened to my family, including my wife and son, hearing the prophecies given by the Lord through Pastor Kiruba which have come true - all of these things have grown my understanding of the Word of God and my faith to a whole new level. Moreover, by His grace, my wife and I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when Pastor Kiruba laid her anointed hands over us and prayed. This has further helped me to live a godly life and to serve the Lord. If Jesus can redeem me, transforming me from being an atheist to someone who has a true reverence of the Living God, then He can transform your life also, bringing you true faith, joy and peace in your heart and life when you put all your trust in Him. Praise God!